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 Welcome to WWOLT  (Whenever Wherever OnLine Test), a very user-friendly website for the Students, Tutors, Parents, etc. Here the children can practice online for free. Just select your grade from the above list and practice any chapter right now!

 Online Math Practice 

What do you want to practice today in Math? Just select your grade and practice any chapter right now! It's absolutely FREE! No Registration, No Login, No Apps Download

 Nursery   LKG   UKG   Grade 1 

 Grade 2   Grade 3   Grade 4   Grade 5 

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 Teaching Tool for Teachers 

Tutors can use this website as a teaching tool to demonstrate a concept to their students. There are hundreds of skills available.

If you would like us to add or customize any skill, please mention your requirement using the Contact Us link. We will add the skill at the earliest possible. [Read more...]

 Track Student's Performance 

Here the Tutors can track the performance of their students OR the Parents can track the performance of their children. With this tracking feature, it becomes very convenient for the Tutors (or Parents) to see the progress of their students in real time.

The students or the children just need to request their Tutors or Parents to become their Guru. Once the Guru (Tutors or Parents) accepts the request, they are all set.

 Improve Math skills for FREE 
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 Commonly Made Mistakes in Math 

Common Mistakes is an initiative to make the students aware about different kinds of mistakes they make in Math. The students can try to avoid these commonly committed mistakes so that they do not lose marks while giving their Math test. You can read some of the those common mistakes by clicking on this box. [Read more...]

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