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Common mistakes made when finding the perimeter of plane figure

Though the students enjoy finding the perimeter of plane figure like square, rectangle, triangle, etc., however in many cases they tend to make mistakes. These mistakes could be because of carelessness or because the child did not understand the concept properly. It is always a good idea to be aware about the common mistakes which students usually make so that these can be corrected from the early age. Here are some of the common mistakes which students usually make when finding the perimeter of plane figure.

☞ Perimeter of Rectangle=4×Length

The length and breadth of a rectangle are different. Therefore the perimeter is 2×(Length+Breadth).

Ways to teach the children to minimize this error
  • Perimeter is the sum of the length of the sides of the figure.
    Therefore the sum of the sides=(L1+B1+L2+B2).
    As the opposite sides are equal, therefore L1=L2=(say L) and B1=B2=(say B).
    ∴ Perimeter=(L+B+L+B)=2×(L+B)

  • The best way to remove the above confusion and to ensure the children have less chance of committing mistakes is to practice the problems related to the above situations. Click on Perimeter & Area to practice.

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