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WWOLT is a place where the school students (upto Grade 10) can practice maths online. At WWOLT, we are committed to provide quality online experience for the school students for practicing maths online. The aim is to find the student's areas of strength and the areas that need improvement. Students can practice maths online whenever and wherever they want.

Students will have unlimited fun and at the same time improve their skill in Maths while practicing different skills in Maths.

Commonly Made Mistakes in Maths: Students can also have a look at the commonly committed mistakes in Maths so that they can be aware about those mistakes and avoid them while solving Maths problems.

 Our Mission 

Our mission is
  • to provide quality online education;
  • to educate the students in innovative ways which is relevant in the current context;
  • to encourage a culture in the minds of the students to be self-learners;
  • to encourage the students to be inquisitive and independent.
 Our Vision 

Everyone should be educated and learn the basic concepts with good understanding.
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